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Laya Project is a world music documentary produced by EarthSync, a world music audio-visual production company based in South India.

The project is a "personal and collective musical tribute to the resilience of the human spirit", and is dedicated to the survivors of the December 26 - 2004 Asian tsunami.

A team of sound engineers and camera men took a two-year journey through six countries, including India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives and Myanmar, and recorded film footage and music with the local musicians.

The production is based on regional folk music traditions, recorded and brought back to the studio to create a composition that mixes and arranges the original recordings, and embarks on a visual and musical journey crossing borders, while preserving the music of the people.

This album is one of the best worldgroove CDs ever released. Pure soul is what speaks out of these compositions. No computer created soundscapes but real traditional recordings in all the instruments and vocals.

Every track has a story and even if you don't understand the lyrics, it has the power to touch something deeper inside... Sometimes it requires relaxing, sometimes furious dancing this album has it all!

Just take some time off - press "play" and dive into the sound of Laya Project! And... when the sound has been integrated Try to watch the DVD where all the music recordings has been filmed.

A true recommended Masterpiece.

Have a listen to one of the best tracks on this CD.

You can prelisten the full CD by following this link: Laya Project - Laya Project

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For me it is dancing in total freedom......without having to impress anybody. It is rediscovering the fire inside my body, heart and soul. It is new friendships. It is hugs.....it is connecting....it is love.


Magical, inspiring, gives new energy, letting go all whats blocking my system. Heart opening, balancing, wonderfull music, dreaming and travelling in outer spaces and setting new intentions, powerfull. I miss it when I am not able to come. Smiling faces and letting my inner soul dance :-). Pura vida <3


Ecstatic Dance thrives my enthusiasm for life. It sets my mind on zero and allows me to get in the same flow as fellow dancers without any expectations, just dance and be ecstatic about it.


Ecstatic dance allows me to connect with myself and with others through non verbal, non cognitive chatter, unlike we are used to do our whole lives. Bodily expressions of your own inner feelings to yourself and in relation to others with the music as your guidance is like experiencing pure freedom and connection at the level of our souls. It opened up a completely new world and some bunch of very nice people too. Thank you!


Dancing for me nowadays is mainly selfmassage, releasing all the stress that got stuck in my body, to dance with all the pain and stiffness, to finally come to the point where the energy is free to flow and happiness fills my body, mind, heart and soul. Clear thoughts take place, a moving meditation with space for going inwards and outwards, to share the love . It's beautiful. And Ecstatic dance helps me over and over again to regain that feeling of freedom, Thank you.


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